Jim Mlodgenski, CEO

Prior to StormDB, Jim was Founder of Cirrus Technologies, a professional services company focused on helping move database centric applications to the Cloud. Before that, Jim was Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB. While at EnterpriseDB, in addition to the role of Chief Architect, he also was VP of Technical Services running Sales Engineering, Professional Services, Training and Customer Support. 




Mason Sharp, CTO

Mason has had a passion for RDBMS systems and data management since he was a student during which time he co-authored a book about dBASE IV. Mason developed a parallel distributed MPP database system targeted towards data warehousing called ExtenDB, which was folded into EnterpriseDB as GridSQL in 2007. He also recently helped architect Postgres-XC, a shared-nothing database system targeted for write scalability and which makes for one of the key technological underpinnings of StormDB.

Andrei Martsinchyk, Senior Architect

Andrei has been working on distributed database systems for the better part of a decade. Starting with the original roots of Stado, Andrei was a key developer in the early days of ExtenDB. When ExtenDB was acquired by EnterpriseDB, he continued work on distributed databases and became a major contributor to the Postgres-XC project. Prior to his venture into distributed databases, Andrei was a developer at EPAM systems.

Nikhil Sontakke, Senior Architect

Nikhil has been an active Postgresql developer and community member for over 5 years. Prior to StormDB, he was a Technical Architect at EnterpriseDB where he worked on many major performance and core internals enhancements. He was also instrumental in helping their India center grow to 50+ employees before giving in to his varied interests and leaving to start off a India specific fashion startup.


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