Use Cases

With its flexibility to handle different types of workloads, StormDB can be used in a variety of scenarios:

Business Intelligence & Reporting

StormDB has built-in MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) capability.   You can load up terabytes of data and when ready for analysis, have your SQL queries utilize the StormDB cloud's resources to process the data in parallel, all on bare metal, not in Virtual Machines.

Since you only use what you pay for, the data can reside in the StormDB cloud for a low cost and be used on demand when needed.


Large product catalogs that need to be searched also can be stored on StormDB's cloud. Harnessing the power of a cluster of systems in the StormDB cloud, and much more cache, StormDB serves up the results quickly. In addition, users can utilize StormDB's full text search capability for those product description searches.

As customers add to their shopping carts and check-out, and the website tracks the user's clickstream, large volumes of write activity may be generated.  Instead of architecting a complex solution at the data tier to handle the load, applications can be pointed at StormDB to handle the load for you.

Content Management Systems & Social Networking

Traditionally, multiple CMS servers and caching can be used to help scale out, but, as for many web type of applications, at some point there is a risk that the database may become the bottleneck.  With StormDB, that risk is removed.


Legacy Online Transaction Processing

Legacy applications that make use of a relational database sometimes have their life extended by buying ever bigger and more expensive systems to handle the database portion of the application.  StormDB offers an alternative solution, and manages it for you.

New Applications

When architecting a new application, you can make estimates and plan for data growth.  If you estimate too high, you may spend extra money on a database server that you are under-utilizing. If you estimate too low, you may end up scrambling to handle the capacity.  With those applications pointed at StormDB instead, you are right-sizing the data tier of your application automatically.

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