GIS Features

Storm Spatial turns a StormDB Database into a geographic information system (GIS). With the power of spatial now in your database with the ability to scale with your StormDB instance, the possibilities of the features you can now add to your application are endless. Features Include:

  • Geometry types for points, linestrings, polygons, and more.
  • Spatial predicates for determining the interactions of geometries.
  • Spatial operators for determining geospatial measurements like area, distance, length and perimeter.
  • Spatial indexes for high speed spatial querying.
  • Index selectivity support, to provide high performance query plans for mixed spatial/non-spatial queries.
  • Query nearest neighbor and other spatial relationships between geometries.
  • Perform location queries on relational information not stored in geometry columns.
  • Perform coordinate systems transformations, for individual geometries or entire layers

All of your location data can now be used in new and powerful ways.  Through a simple SQL query, you can now take any address and turn that into a point with a latitude and longitude. There is no need to make expensive calls out to a web service to geocode your address.

stormdb=# SELECT g.rating, ST_AsText(ST_SnapToGrid(g.geomout,0.00001)) As wktlonlat,
          (addy).address As stno, (addy).streetname As street,
          (addy).streettypeabbrev As styp,
          (addy).location As city, (addy).stateabbrev As st,(addy).zip
     FROM geocode('50 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701') As g;

 rating |       wktlonlat           | stno | street | styp |   city   | st |  zip  
      0 | POINT(-74.06553 40.35074) |   50 | Broad  | St   | Red Bank | NJ | 07701
(1 row)

We can now take that point and calculate the distance between the StormDB HQ and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, ie The White House.

stormdb=# SELECT (ST_Distance_Spheroid('POINT(-74.06553 40.35074)'::geometry, 
                                       'POINT(-77.03795 38.89866)'::geometry, 
                                       'SPHEROID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563]') 
                  * 0.00062137) as miles;
(1 row)
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